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What is the goal of high-speed cutting in plastic mold processing?

Today is the second day of 5.1 holiday, and Dongguan Plastic mold factory is still working on how many people do? I am one of the editors who are still working in the post. Today to introduce the goal of high-speed cutting. One of the main objectives of high-speed cutting is to reduce production costs through high productivity. It is mainly used in finishing processes, often used for processing hardened die steel. Another goal is to improve overall competitiveness by shortening production time and delivery time.

The main factors to achieve these goals are:

• Once (less this number) of the clamping of the mold processing.

• Improve the geometric accuracy of the mold by cutting, while reducing manual labor and shortening the test time.

• Use CAM systems and shop-floor programming to help develop process plans and improve machine and plant utilization through process planning.

For more information on high-speed cutting, refer to the Tool Manufacturing Application Guide C-1120: 2. Please refer to the mold manufacturing application guide C-1120: 2.22) What are the practical advantages of high speed cutting?

The tool and workpiece can maintain a low temperature, which in many cases extends the life of the tool. On the other hand, in high-speed cutting applications, the amount of cutting is shallow, the cutting edge of the knife time is particularly short. That is to say, the feed is faster than the heat transfer.

Low cutting force to get small and consistent tool bending. This combination with the constant machining allowance required for each tool and process is one of the prerequisites for efficient and safe machining.

Since the typical cutting depth in the high speed cutting is shallow, the radial force on the tool and the spindle is low. This reduces the wear of the spindle bearings, rails and ball screws. High-speed cutting and axial milling are also a good combination of small impact on the spindle bearing, the use of this method can be used to extend the long tool and the risk of vibration is not.

The high productivity of small parts, such as roughing, semi-finishing and finishing, has a very good economy when the total material removal rate is relatively low.

High-speed cutting results in high productivity in general finishing and excellent surface quality. The surface quality is often lower than Ra 0.2 um.

The geometry of the mold is improved and the assembly is easy and faster. No matter what people, skills, how to get CAM / CNC production of surface texture and geometric accuracy. If you spend a little more time on cutting, time-consuming manual polishing can be significantly reduced. Often can be reduced by up to 60-100%

Some processing, such as quenching, electrolytic processing and EDM, can be greatly reduced. This reduces investment costs and simplifies logistics. With EDM instead of EDM, mold life and quality are also improved.

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