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What is the normal assembly sequence of plastic molds?

Today is November 2nd, and soon I will go to the Double Eleven Hand Festival. The editor of Dongguan Plastic Mould Factory wants to say that the pickpocket is looking down on it, or it is awkward. I have been very busy during this time and have not had time to update the website. Today I will introduce you to the regular assembly sequence of plastic molds.

1. Determine the assembly basis.

2. The parts are tested before assembly, and the qualified parts must be demagnetized and cleaned.

3. Adjust the cumulative error after each part combination to ensure that the parting surface is in close contact and prevent the generation of flash.

4. As far as possible, keep the reference surface of the original machining size in the assembly, so as to check when the final assembly is adjusted.

5. Assemble the guiding mechanism and ensure flexible opening and clamping, no looseness and stagnation.

6. Assemble and adjust the launching mechanism and adjust the reset and push position.

7. Assemble the adjusting core and insert, and ensure that the mating surface clearance meets the requirements.

8. Assemble the cooling or heating system to ensure the smooth flow of the pipeline, no water leakage, no leakage, and flexible valve operation.

9. Assemble the hydraulic or pneumatic system to ensure normal operation.

10. Fasten all the connecting screws and assemble the positioning pins.

11. Test the mold, and mark the mold number, mold mark, and assembly base after passing the test.

12. Finally, check all kinds of accessories, accessories and lifting rings to ensure that the molds are fully equipped.

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