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Specification of bosses in plastic mold production

Today is December 5, 19th. Seeing that the new calendar year is almost over, the old calendar year is also following its footsteps, and the days are passing by. The Dongguan Plastic mold factory is getting better and better, and the editor will become more powerful. . Specification for bosses in plastic mold production.

The boss is usually used for the fitting of two plastic products in the form of shaft-hole, or the assembly of self-tapping screws.

When the boss is not very high and it is ejected with a tube on the mold, it can be used without slope.

When the boss is very high, a cross rib (rib) is usually added on the outside. The cross rib usually has a slope of 1-2 degrees, and the boss also has a slope depending on the situation.

When the boss and the column (or another boss) are mated, the fitting gap is usually taken from the assembly clearance of 0.05-0.10 on one side, so as to fit the position error generated during the processing of each boss.

When the boss is used for the assembly of self-tapping screws, the inner hole is 0.1-0.2 smaller than the single side of the diameter of the self-tapping screw, so that the screw can be locked. For example, when using M3.0 self-tapping screws, the inner hole of the boss is usually Ф2.60-2.80.

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