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Map all plastic mold parts of technical requirements

Map all plastic mould parts of the technical requirements, the mold assembly diagram drawing parts drawing down the order should be: after the first, the first simple after complex, molding parts first, after the structure parts.

(1) graphics requirements:

Must be in proportion to painting, allowed to zoom in and out. Reasonable view selection, projection, right arranged properly. In order to make the processing of the patent number is easy to understand, easy to assemble, graphics as far as possible consistent with the final assembly drawing, graphics to clear.

Dimension requirement (2) the unified, centralized, orderly and complete.

Dimension of the order: the first main component size and slope, the mold again marked with size, then with all size. In the main parts on the drawing marked with size first, after all sizes.

(3) the surface roughness.

In the application of a kind of roughness in drawing the top right corner, such as the annotation "the rest of the 3.2" and other marked roughness respectively, in the various surfaces of the parts.

(4) other content.

Such as part name, mould drawing no., material type, heat treatment and hardness requirement, surface treatment, proportion of graphics, free size of the machining accuracy, such as technical specifications should be filled in correctly.

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