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The advantages of hot runner plastic mold manufacturing

Many Plastic mold factory enterprise counterparts know in the manufacture of plastic mold to use to the hot runner mould cost will be high. But although heat flux to the expensive, nature has its value, then the advantages of hot runner do you know?

The advantage of hot runner:

1. Although the mold is more expensive, but it is more thin, more economic profile provides opportunity, these depend on the design, and there is no flow control.

2. The parts can be cast in multiple locations, make a design more flexible. Hot runner system can effectively shorten the long parts or multimode cavity mould flow length.

3. That is to eliminate the materials and the potential for secondary operation does not need to remove runner and sprue and crush again. .

4. By eliminating the sprue/flow cross section, and to set up the sprue need to wait, so as to reduce the cycle time.

Hot melt help to improve the quality of the cavity. No significant temperature and pressure in the flow loss, molding less residual stress.

This is plastic mold factory mould making use of the advantages of hot runner.

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