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Shaft Mechanism in Plastic Mold Design

When the workpiece has a hole or side of the concave, the molding side of the hole or side of the concave parts must be movable core, before stripping, the active core must first withdraw, to complete the side of the active core of the body called the shaft Core mechanism.

     The determination of pumping force and pumping distance.

The calculation of draft force is the same as that of stripping force

Extraction distance = depth of side hole or side concave + 2-3mm (safety value)

     The form of the core pulling mechanism

1. Diagonal guide core pulling mechanism

<1> Working principle of oblique guide cylinder core pulling mechanism.

<2> Design of the main parts

① oblique guide column

The bevel is generally 25 ° or less with the fixed plate between 1 + 7 / n6 overweight

The diagonal guide column only acts as a driving slider, and the movement of the slider is ensured by the accuracy of the sliding chute and the slider. The final position of the slider is ensured by the locking debris, The match is loose.

The bevel of the inclined guide cone is larger than the fillet of the diagonal guide post.

Diagonal guide column length:

                among them:

D - diagonal guide column fixed end part of the large end diameter

H - inclined guide plate plate thickness

S - pull away from the distance (slider to be cited to stabilize)

② oblique slider: the overall type and combination

③ guide chute

④ slider positioning device

⑤ locking wedge (pressing block)

The wedge angle of the locking wedge is greater than the bevel of the oblique guide post.

<3> The form of the chamfering cylinder core pulling mechanism

Diagonal column in the fixed mold, slider in the dynamic mode of the structure.

The structure of the oblique guide column in the moving die

2. Spring type or hard rubber skin type and core pulling mechanism.

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