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Plastic mold injection molding production for the selection of the machine

Plastic mold injection molding production for the choice of machine is also a kind of skill, if choose to suit you can get the best results.

On some selected parts of resin, determining the specifications of the injection molding equipment, total weight and the total projection area of injection are two basic parameters to consider. When the total injection weight (all the cavity, including the runner and sprue) is equal to the 60-80% of machine capacity, can generally get the best effect. When using hot runner melt conveying system, the volume of material in hot manifold should be included in the machine capacity calculation, using big barrel machine, small volume injection can lead to unnecessarily prolong retention time of the resin, which can lead to degradation of resin. If must be conducted in the temperature range of the high temperature period of injection molding, often should shorten the retention time of resin, in order to reduce the possibility of material degradation.

Therefore, when high temperature injection molding, it is recommended that the minimum injection quantity should be greater than 60% of machine capacity. All injection quantity (all cavity and the flow channel area affected by the injection pressure) of the total projection area is affirmatory, should be on the projection area, applying 3 ~ 5 tons per square inch of clamping force, to reduce the material overflow parts. Wall thickness, the length of flow and the total tonnage molding conditions will determine the actual need. For example, the thin wall LEXAN resin parts need 6 ~ 8 tons per square clamping pressure. For each of the resin system, the family the tonnage you need specific information, in the guide of each product series specific sections.

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