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Why is it difficult to control the cost of plastic mold factory

Plastic mold factory in the production and processing often have many uncontrollable factors, such as the delivery period of the mold, the quality of the mold, the mold cost is difficult to control. Today, Dongguan plastic mold factory editor with everyone together to analyze the reasons for the cost is difficult to control.

1 lack of cost consciousness and cost control system in the mould design. Many companies do not have the mold design diagram of the link, even if there is a very simple process of the figure, there is no detailed flow chart of the trial.

2 machining process and process loss. Low utilization rate of resources, high cost of the machine.

3 out of control out of control costs out of control. Unnecessary outward processing and outward processing price.

4 quality control leads to cost out of control. Die materials, parts scrap; mold rework, multiple test mode.

5 the cost of the trial mode is out of control. High cost of material testing, selection of high cost of the machine.

6 material purchase process is out of control now. Material purchase did not seek the right suppliers, resulting in excessive procurement costs.

7 material preservation, the process of issuing the control is out of control.

8 lack of quantitative analysis of the cost of materials

9 the lack of effective control of the materials of the dead

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