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Plastic mold cooling method

Starting today, National Day the long vacation officially ended, in 2016, however, the holiday has ended. Dongguan Plastic mold factory today small make up take you take a look at the plastic mold cooling method.

Mold cooling must be in the lateral side of mobile and fixed line respectively, the effect is good or bad depends on the distribution of the channel, the thermal conductivity and fluid leakage protection techniques. Slender mold core cannot set waterways, can high heat conduction metal instead of mold core, if the mold core for block combination can't set waterways, but on the mat at the bottom of a hot good conductors with cooling effect. Fixed side cooling waterway, must be able to cover most of the area of the forming mould, and let the pipe as far as possible close to the cavity surface is preferred. Mobile side slightly lower than the fixed side temperature under 10 ℃, dare not only parts position changes due to temperature difference, causing wear and tear.

Cooling line distribution method and setting method according to the shape of the molded products and the proportion of the weight distribution, as in a subsequent article, will continue to introduce several methods of plastic mold cooling method.


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