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A common form of plastic mold in the gate

Today is the annual 10th, is also on Monday, since today many Plastic mold factory has formally enter the work state of the hall, Jiezheng mould editor here today a happy everyone starts, work best. As usual, today to introduce the common form of plastic mold in the gate.

1, the pin point gate

(1) structure

(2) the role of the dial scale: increase the gate into the material mouth cross-sectional area, cut small melt cooling speed, is advantageous to the filling material.

(3) multiple modes with pin point gate in the form of (C).

(4) when the plastic parts is bigger, with more incoming material.

(5) when the melt flow diameter gate, because of the influence of shear rate, cause the molecular highly directional, increase the local stress, cracking, gate on the side wall thickness can be increased and the circular arc transition.

6 mold adopts three plate (double parting surface)

2, the latent type gate

Also known as the tunnel gate

Incoming parts selected in products more secluded place, lest affect product appearance, ejection, port automatically separated with plastic parts, so need to contribute to the top of big, to for plastic is too strong, is not suitable for latent type gate.

3. The side gate

Also called edge like a gate.

Generally open in the parting surface, as feed, at the edge of the plastic shape length form or close to a short form.

4. Direct gate

Also known as the center gate or mainstream type gate.


1) size is larger, condensing a longer time.

(2) direct effects on pressure parts, easy to produce line of residual stress.

(3) gate setting material to remove more difficult.

(4) the flow resistance is small, feed speed, single cavity for large programs ever-flowing products, can better feeding.

5. Circular gap shaped gate

Used for round shape or plastic parts with hole in the middle.

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