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Gating system in plastic mold injection

Today is January 26, 2022. In a blink of an eye, time flies, and there are only 6 days left before the Lunar New Year. The Chinese New Year is approaching, and most of the friends of Dongguan Plastic Mould Factory have already taken a holiday to prepare for the New Year. Looking back at this year's Jiezheng Mould Factory's tenacious support under the impact of the epidemic, I was really sad and tearful. Today, I will introduce the pouring system in plastic mold injection molding.

1. Standard parts are required for positioning ring and gate sleeve. The diameter of the positioning ring is all ¢100mm.

2. The sprue sleeve SR should be larger than the injection molding machine nozzle SR (our nozzle end face is SR19-20mm), and the larger value is 1-2mm. The diameter of the feeding port should be 1-1.5mm larger than the inner diameter of the injection molding machine nozzle.

3. The inner wall of the gate sleeve must be polished. The rest of the runners must be polished with whetstone above 320#; the sprue sleeve must be fixed by the positioning ring and must not be suspended on the template.

4. The cross-section of the mold runner must be circular, trapezoidal or U-shaped.

5. The gate and runner should be processed by machine tool according to the size of the drawing, and must not be processed by hand or grinding machine.

6. The setting of the gate should not affect the appearance and installation of the product, and should avoid sink marks, fusion marks, impact lines, etc. on the product; the gate is easy to remove.

7. There should be an extension at the front end of the runner as the cold material hole: for transparent products, the size of the cold material hole should be enlarged and deepened.

8. Generally, avoid setting the lurking gate on the ejector.

9. Hook lurking gate, the two-part inserts should be nitrided, and the hardness is HV700.

10. The stripping plate of the three-plate mold requires smooth guiding and sliding, and the stripping plate is easy to open. Medium and small molds should use plastic hooks.

11. The distance between the stripping plate and the template of the three-plate mold should be suitable for taking out the runner. In general, the opening distance = the total length of the runner + 20-25mm. In principle, it should be larger than 120mm.

12. The wiring of the hot runner should be bundled, put into the slot opened on the template, and covered with a pressure plate, and the wires should not be exposed outside the mold.

13. The hot runner socket must be a 24-pin junction box, and the wiring method must be our standard wiring standard. Before the mold trial and production of foreign hot runner molds, the hot runner wiring must be measured and checked, so as not to cause the thermocouple and heating ring to be burnt due to wiring errors. The periphery of the socket must be protected to prevent damage to the socket during lifting.

14. For any mold with hot runner, an insulating plate must be added to the fixed mold template to prevent the mold from being deformed due to overheating of the injection molding machine.

Note: The above information from the jiezheng mold  finishing  on the Internet, welcome reproduced, indicate the source!


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