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Efforts to open up the mold standard parts industry's new route

      The past 2015 years, believed that for many of the traditional industry is one of the most challenging years, the survival of many small and medium-sized enterprises in the manufacturing industry is struggling, the future will be eliminated out of a batch of lack of technical innovation, no sense of responsibility of the enterprise, only to have the true power of enterprise, to stand out in the challenges.

Create a new route mould industry

        Abroad in recent years, the raw materials price increases, mold standard parts manufacturers constantly hit the market, the domestic manufacturers by the pressure of multiple, the improvement of technology and the improvement of productivity has become the consensus of standard parts enterprises.

        In the coming year, the domestic production of standard enterprise must increase the scientific and technological innovation, form a batch production, ensure product quality, based on market demand, thus to realize the qualitative leap, the amount of breakthrough, product upgrades, mould enterprise also to strengthen the strength at the same time, to speak with quality, technology, open up in a sea of new route.


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