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Plastic moulds right gate location

In the design of plastic mold wrongly choose the type of gate system and, in addition to cause processing problems, will also have influence on the quality of plastic products. Therefore, the design department must not underestimate the importance of gate location. Dongguan Jiezhen Plastic mold factory below small make up take together and have a look.

Designers not only must carry on the calculation in the design of plastic products, also must pay special attention to the mold gate design. They have to choose the right gate system as well as the number and location of pour point. Type and location of different gate will be larger influence on the quality of the products.

Gate location will determine the choice of plastic products the following properties:

1. The filling behavior

The final size of the 2 products (tolerance)

3. The shrinkage behavior, warp

4. Mechanical performance levels

5. The surface quality (appearance)

If the designers choose the wrong gate, the forming almost impossible from optimizing processing parameters to rectify the consequences. So the design engineer must give full consideration to the location of the gate.

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