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Plastic moulds simple analysis of inclined top class mold design

Plastic mold inclined top class mold structure characteristic: parts on the buckle, can not be achieved directly demoulding, using inclined top institutions; Parts requirements surface gate no trace, so the latent type gate; Required accuracy within 0.03 mm parts, to ensure the required within the set piece add to digest positioning. Below small make up for all of plastic mold inclined top class mold design for simple analysis.

(1) after receiving mould design task, should understand the customer the product requirements, including materials, precision, surface quality, etc.; Analysis of the requirement of mould parts, parts wall thickness is uniform and whether there is a torque, draft Angle is appropriate, etc.; Determine the distribution in the mold parts, order early for die set and the embryo;

(2) if there is objection should contact the head of the customer or corresponding;

(3) parts requirements surface gate no trace, so can only use latent type gate, parting surface should be in the bottom of the stairs;

(4) the parts on the buckle, can not be achieved directly demoulding, ejection system adopts the form of the plunger and inclined top auxiliary; To determine the location and size of inclined top to ensure that the inclined roof strength requirements;

(5) high precision parts, must add positioning, positioning way, the selected location and quantity;

(6) the basic structure is determined, the PRO/E to die parts (UG), refined forming part of the structure, and analyzed to see whether there is interference;

(7) for the details of mold base design. Determine the size of the cooling and other parts;

(8) draw the assembly drawing and part drawing, making the electrode.



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