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Plastic mold factory staff daily behavior specification

Specifications Plastic mold factory every employee's daily behavior standards, to promote plastic mold factory workers management, maintenance and guarantee the normal production, improve production efficiency and so on all can play a role. The following presents a Jiezhen plastic mold factory staff daily behavior specification.

A, in the company, should strictly abide by the regulations of the company and obey the superior command.

2, strictly abide by the working time, do not be late, don't leave early. Time to work, the work must be packed items.

Three, should work in earnest during the work, do not allow the non-business string hillock chat and talking loudly in a work area, shall not interfere with others, not to start from For post, shall not be doing in the work.

Four, between employees and the company personnel, must be polite, civilization terminology, don't swear, swear words. Between colleagues to get along, solidarity, help each other.

Five, the staff at all times the interest of the company, have the courage to stop any damage to the interests of the company.

Six, individuals borrow tools, items must be properly kept, shall not be taken apart or modified. If you fail you must declare to the superior in time.

Seven, no operation qualification shall not be operating company of related equipment, appliances, etc.

Eight, guests in principle should have to make an appointment, and reception in designated places. Personal friends without permission are not allowed to enter the workplace

Nine, company information, equipment, equipment must not be used for private use, if you need to carry out must be approved.

Ten, employees shall, in accordance with the relevant regulations, apply for office supplies, all claims from the company's products are all company property shall be properly kept and used correctly, can not possess oneself of, shall be returned to the left.

Eleven, always keep the surrounding clean sanitation, do not spit everywhere, do not throw confetti graffito of the scribble cigarette butts, do not. Rain gear, rain will be placed in specified place.

Twelve, save water, electricity, office supplies. Safe, take good care of tubes, sockets, switches and other circuit facilities. Allowed to demolition, removal and chaos circuit. If you have damaged, you must inform to replace or repair.

Plastic mold factory management personnel can refer to you.

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