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Attention should be paid to the assembly of guide posts and guide bushes in plastic molds

Today is October 10th. In the twinkling of an eye, even the National Day Golden Week has passed. The rest will soon enter the year, and the days will pass, and the mold will be done every day. Ok, today we will introduce the problems that should be paid attention to when assembling the guide post and the guide bush in the plastic mold.

For the assembly of plastic mold guide columns and guide sleeves, the following points should be noted:

(1) The guide post and guide bushing should be matched before pressing. Ensure that the coordination between the guide post, the guide sleeve and the template meets the requirements, and ensure that the center distance of the guide post and the guide sleeve mounting hole on the movable and fixed template is the same (the error is not more than 0.01mm).

(2) After pressing the template into the assembly, the guide post and the guide sleeve hole should be perpendicular to the mounting base of the template.

(3) After the guide post and the guide set are matched, the release mechanism should be ensured to be flexibly slid without jamming. If the requirements are not met, red Dan powder can be applied to the surface of the guide post, and the moving template can be pulled back and forth to observe the stuck position, analyze the cause, and then withdraw the guide column and reassemble.

(4) When assembling, the two guide columns with the farthest distance should be assembled first, and then the third and fourth guide columns are assembled after the assembly is qualified. Each time a guide post is installed, the release mechanism should be flexible.

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