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Position in the design of plastic mould design

Consider many factors in the design of plastic moulds, such as the design of the position, let's look at what factors in the design of qualifying.

1. According to the product size, structure and other factors determine the cavity, such as 1 x1, x2, x3, 1 x4, 1 by 8, 1 x16, etc.

2. When several products out in the same set of mold, the uniformity of considered in glue. Big products should be in the middle, small products on both sides.

3. When several irregular product in the same mold parting surface, must fully consider the parting surface of qualifying connection smoothly.

4. More than a mold cavity in the mould, when there is a line set spell, a structure, such as interference may not make it happen.

5. The session should be integrated when mould each on the other hand, the port, whether set spell, line position, ejection, water and other structure to have a overall thinking.

6. When position locating datum for products zero. When a die out a, can consider to product symmetrical direction points in shape.


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