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Dongguan plastic mold factory to shoulder the revitalization of China's private enterprises outstanding mission

What happens in the world for 2016 years big events, the south China sea events will enter the top. The events triggered by the south China sea events out of everything "patriotic" events, such as: KFC door chanting patriotic slogans, apple store patriotic slogans, and so on, every time I see such a report, Jiezhen mould small make up have bouts of anxiety. Under the global integration, rather than against others, work hard to grow. Here China's private enterprises shoulder the great revitalization of China's national enterprise's mission.

The south China sea is a crisis of events, the danger, of course, also have a chance. Blessing to double in accordance with, that lean on, happiness that trouble. In the new era, China has different development, China is gradually realizing the great revival. Throughout history, no other country in the process of Renaissance, without which dynasty is plain sailing. In the way of the great revival will appear, appeared to block. As now the south China sea, the author thinks that it is history give us a test. The crisis is, of course, but we should learn to seize the opportunity.

If you want to seize this opportunity, is by no means all chanting patriotic slogans, the parade, patriotic slogans such as able to do it. This matter, small make up an open the computer every day, look at the news the title first of all, we saw the doorway containment, such as KFC apple stores all the news. Reflected behind such a "patriotic", we have a deep sense of crisis, we all more consumer demand are relying on other countries' enterprises, rely on imports. But we can help us to resist these countries improve their production level, quality level?

Rather than resist in tolerance at the same time trying to improve yourself. Others do good place, there must be great about him, we should learn from them modestly, continuous innovation, to raise their technical level. Many manufacturing enterprises in China, huawei recently is known, huawei this paragraph of time just to apple to collect royalties of lawsuits from samsung. The rise of huawei is worth our learning.

Dongguan Plastic mold factory colleagues, we should also strive to improve their own production and manufacturing capacity, enhance the level of quality and much to learn from others' successful experience, continuous innovation, the courage to shoulder the mission of the revitalization of China's outstanding private enterprises.

Note: the above information is only on behalf of jiezhen mould small make up personal opinion, welcome speech!


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