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The principle and characteristics of compression molding in plastic mold

Today, the college entrance examination has all been over, Dongguan Plastic mold factory editor in this wish you flag victory, test the ideal level, into the longing campus. Today for everyone to introduce compression molding - also known as compression molding, molding or pressing molding. Mainly used for thermosetting plastic molding, can also be used for the molding of thermoplastic.

The characteristics of compression molding

1. Plastic directly into the cavity, feeding cavity is the extension of the cavity.

2. Mold is completely closed when the plastic parts are finally formed

3. The pressure is passed directly to the plastic through the punch

 is conducive to the formation of poor mobility of fiber-based polymer

 Can not suppress plastic parts with fine, easy-to-cut inserts and more inserts.

 is not easy to obtain dimensional accuracy

Especially high-precision plastic parts

4. Simple operation, mold structure is simple.

 no gating system, less material consumption

 can suppress a larger flat plastic parts or a number of plastic parts

 plastic parts shrink small, small deformation, uniform performance, high strength.

5. Long production cycle, low efficiency.

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