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The integral cavity plastic moulds

Integral cavity is directly on a single piece of material processing and die is the integral die (pictured above), its characteristic is strong, not easy deformation, have higher strength and stiffness, forming the joint surface does not have a mould of trace. When the plastic parts structure is simple, make integral die easily, plastic pieces of complex shape, the integral of the concave die processing manufaturability is bad, need to use the special processing methods, such as edm, electroforming, long production cycle and higher cost, parts size large processing and heat treatment are more difficult, consuming precious steel. Monolithic structure is suitable for the shape of a simple small and medium-sized plastic parts.

Overall embedded cavity is to die as a monolithic b (pictured above), and then embedded in the mold of the template, it in multiple and single cavity mould can be used. The advantages of the die structure is:

1, the processing of a single cavity die is convenient, at the same time of parts heat treatment deformation than in a small piece of material to make multiple cavity;

2, save precious steel. According to the nature of work, die and fixed plate, respectively, using different materials can be produced;

3, easy to maintenance and replacement. The form of inlaying installation easy to replace the failed die, and do not affect production;

4, separate cavity die processing conducive to shorten the molding cycle.

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