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Process conditions in injection molding - temperature

Today is the beginning of April, listen to the plastic mold processing industry colleagues said that this year's market is generally good, you think so? Today, we understand the plastic mold injection molding process conditions in the temperature. The temperature is very important in the production of plastic molds, its impact on the plastic products is essential.

① barrel temperature:

Between Tf (Tm) ~ Td, to ensure the normal flow of plastic melt, does not occur metamorphic decomposition;

The bottom of the barrel temperature is the lowest, the nozzle front is the highest;

When the Tf (Tm) ~ Td range is narrow, the cylinder temperature is low.

② nozzle temperature:

Slightly lower than the maximum cylinder temperature: to prevent the melt in the nozzle at the "salivation" phenomenon; but the temperature can not be too low, otherwise easy to plug the nozzle.

③ mold temperature:

The temperature is too high: the molding cycle is long, after stripping deformation, affecting the dimensional accuracy;

The temperature is too low: produce a large internal stress, cracking, surface quality decline.


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