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Plastic mold factory from receive orders to make mould process

Many new plastic mould industry tongren, in when it comes to the production process of plastic moulds are sciolistic, today small make up take you take a look at the specific process, pure process to share.

1. First of all, we received the order back is about to start preparing to die design, to the 2 d, 3 d drawings.

2. After a good drawing, we want to give the drawings to customers confirmation, modified according to the requirements of the drawings, and then the design drawing to confirm.

3. The design drawing to confirm good, is about to start with all kinds of plastic mold manufacturing materials. Such as: die standard parts, die steel, thimble, tube, etc.

4. Good material, to start the cutting. If its own factory in the cutting workshop, need not send people to cut outside.

5. Deep hole drilling, are generally issued to professional manufacturers.

6. Then the CNC numerical control processing.

7. Edm copper.

8. After the above steps can begin to mold fitting, province.

9. The last is to pretend, try mode.

10. Pay board confirmed that the mold.

The above is the general flow of plastic die mold factory production, of course it's just about process arrangement, including many details, here is not expounded in detail.

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