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Design of injection mold mold closing guide mechanism

When using standard mold, mold for itself with a guiding device, under normal circumstances, as long as the mold design personnel specifications can be. When the precision positioning device is adopted, the design personnel should be designed according to the mold structure.

1 guide parts should be evenly distributed in the mold around or near the edge of the center to the edge of the mold should be sufficient distance to ensure the strength of the mold to prevent the deformation of the guide post and the guide sleeve.

2 the mold adopts 4 guide pillars, in order not to make mistakes in assembly and maintenance, on the basis of the uniform distribution of one of the guide column offset 2mm.

3 the mould guide post is mounted on the movable mould plate, and the back cushion block is supported, and the guide sleeve is arranged on the fixed mould plate.

4 in order to guarantee the good contact surface, the guide pin and bushing in the sub type surface should have bearing groove, can cut a face or on the hole edge of the guide sleeve, the mould adopts the latter.

5 when closing the mold, we should ensure that the guide parts are in contact and avoid the punch to enter the cavity, which leads to the damage of the mould.

6 fixed template using the combined process, can ensure the coaxial degree requirements.

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