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Plastic mold injection molding principle

The granular or powdery plastic is added to the hopper of the injection machine. The plastic is heated and kept in a state of flowing in the injection machine, and then the closed mold is injected at a certain pressure. After the molding is cooled, the molten plastic is solidified The required plastic parts.

Injection molding features:


 forming cycle is short, high production efficiency, easy to achieve automation

 can be shaped complex, accurate size, with a metal or non-metallic insert plastic parts

 product quality and stability

 Wide range of adaptation

So far, in addition to fluoride plastic, almost all of the thermoplastic can be molded by injection molding method. In addition, some good thermosetting plastics can also be injection molding.


 injection equipment prices higher

 injection mold structure is complex

 high production costs, long production cycle, not suitable for single pieces of small pieces of plastic parts production

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