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How to store plastic mold

Many inexperienced Plastic mold factory master after a series process finally ready to die, then casually on the one side, waiting for the customer acceptance. Who knows when the customer come and acceptance, a put injection molding machine, found to produce the product with sample is very different. What is this situation, this is because many novice don't know how to store the mold.

Let's take a look at how to store good plastic moulds:

1. Storage mold mold base, should be well ventilated, prevent moisture, and easy to deposit into the add and remove.

2. Store the mold, should be grouped by product storage, placed neatly.

3. Small mould shall be kept on the shelf, large and medium-sized mold on the bottom and inlet, bottom should with sleeper cushion flat.

4. Mould put in storage, should try to wipe clean, and in the guide pillars side storage oil into lubricating oil in the hole, then cover on pieces of paper, in order to prevent dust and debris fall within the guide sleeve and affect the guidance precision.

5. At the edge of punch and die or mould, guide should be coated with anti-rust oil cylinder, long stored in case of rust.

6. Deposit in the mould, should be in the mold between the upper and lower die pad to limit block, to avoid long-term compression and discharging device failure.

7. Mold, the mold deposit should not be opened, so as not to damage the work parts.

8. The mould should be on a regular basis to identify the state of technology, to identify unqualified mould should be timely repair or scrap, quarantine treatment.

If plastic mold factory can according to the above plastic mould storage methods in place, we believe that our plastic mould will hold good.

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